Ubet Store

© Photographed July 13, 2015
Erected by New Richmond Preservation Society
New Richmond, St. Croix County, Wisconsin
 45° 6.653′ N, 92° 32.14′ W
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Located on County Road F east of
Deronda, the town of Ubet essentially
no longer exists. In 1910 the town
consisted of a blacksmith shop,
warehouse, creamery, shoe repair
shop, post office, horse stable, ice
house, general store and feed mill.
Population was about 50. By 1960,
that population was down to 4, two of
them the owners of this general store,
All and Ruth Route. Now everything is
gone except an abandoned school and
a couple of houses.

The store was built in 1933 by the
bank in Dresser to replace the
previous building which had burned down.
The Routes bought the store at that
time and ran it for many years.

The building was donated by Mei and
Marilyn Truhison and restored by the
New Richmond Preservation Society.

The Ubet Store and marker are located at the New Richmond Heritage Center at 1100 Heritage Drive, New Richmond, Wisconsin 54017.

The building and marker are located at the Heritage Center
in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

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