The Human Gnomon Analemmatic Sundial

Photographed July 5, 2015
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
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The Human Gnomon Analemmatic Sundial
This sundial uses the human person as the gnomon (no-mon) which is the object used to cast a shadow. An analemmatic sundial consists of hour points rather than hour lines, which are laid out in an elliptical pattern. The gnomon moves according to the day of the year to account for the change in latitude of the sun through the year.

To use the "human sundial", simply stand on the approximate date location in the center plate and raise your hands directly above your head. In the summer, use the inner ring of hours (Daylight Savings Time) to determine the nearest hour. In the winter months, use the outer ring (Standard Time).

The sundial's hour points were calculated for the exact latitude and longitude of this spot on the earth's surface. The height of the person (gnomon) will not affect the time because it is the direction of the shadow that will determine the time not the length.
The memorial is located at the entrance to the Mitchell Park Conservatory ("The Domes"), located at 524 South Layton Boulevard, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215.

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The marker is located at "The Domes" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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