Site #3: Conical Mound #1

© Photographed July 19, 2015
Whitewater, Jefferson County, Wisconsin
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Site #3: Conical Mound #1
This mound is known as a "Conical Type." A Conical mound is a mound formed into a simple circular shape. In Wisconsin, we have five types of mounds: Conical, Linear, Truncated Pyramid (temple), Effigy and Amalgamation. In this group, we have three of the five types. They are the Conical, Linear and the Effigy. The other two types can be seen at Aztalan State Park, near Lake Mills, and Trempealeau, along the Mississippi River,

The Truncated Pyramid is similar in shape to the temples built by ancient cultures in southern North America. The Amalgamation mound is a combination of two effigy mounts, which usually signifies the joining of tribes or clans.

This mound has a diameter of 32 feet. It was the same measurement in both surveys.
The marker is located at Whitewater Effigy Mounds Preserve, accessible from southbound South Indian Mound Parkway, south of its intersection with Old Highway 12 and at its T-intersection with Wildwood Road, at or near 288 South Indian Mound Parkway, Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190.

GazetteXtra (April 30, 2011): Whitewater hopes to restore historical effigy mounds

Whitewater Effigy Mounds Preserve Map (PDF)

Follow this path to the effigy mounds and markers.

The entrance to Whitewater Effigy Mounds Preserve.

The marker is located at the Whitewater Effigy Mounds Preserve.

The preserve is located inside the residential community
of Mound Park Acres in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

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