Shelter from a Storm: Wigwams

© Photographed July 24, 2015
Sherwood, Calumet County, Wisconsin
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Shelter from a Storm:
A Winnebago wigwam had a dirt floor and a pole framework covered with bark or woven mats.

The mound builders sought shelter from wind and cold in rock overhangs and several hinds of houses. Some houses resembled the wigwams that would later be built -- during the historic period -- by the Winnebago. Though there are similarities between the artifacts of the two tribes, the mound building phase ceased long before the historic period which began with the arrival of Jean Nicolet in 1634.
The marker is located along Effigy Mound Trail, located inside High Cliff State Park, located at N7630 State Park Road, Sherwood, Wisconsin 54169.

NOTE: The above GPS coordinates will take you to the Effigy Mound Trail parking lot, where the entrance to the trail is impossible to miss.

NOTE: High Cliff State Park is a fee area; you will either have to have a yearly pass, or pay the one-day entrance fee.

This sign leads to the entrance to Indian Mounds Trail.

Effigy Mounds Trail is located at High Cliff State Park in Sherwood, Wisconsin.

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