Oak Hill Cemetery Veterans Memorial

© Photographed July 20, 2015
 Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin
Dedicated to the
of the
of All Wars

The memorial is located at Oak Hill Cemetery. I could not locate an address for the cemetery. The entrance to the cemetery is located on southbound North Washington Street / North County Road E / U.S. Business Route 14, Janesville, Wisconsin.

NOTE: The cemetery is huge -- the grounds cover approximately 90 acres and roughly 13 miles of paved roadway! The memorial is near Plot: 311-15-7, in the northwest section of the cemetery.

See also, Leslie A. Bellrichard / Vietnam War Medal of Honor Recipient, also at this location.

Looking towards the parking lot to access the memorial.

View from the parking area to access the memorial.

The memorial is located at Oak Hill Cemetery in Janesville, Wisconsin.

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