Leslie A. Bellrichard / Vietnam War Medal of Honor Recipient

© Photographed July 20, 2015
 Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin
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Medal of Honor
US Army
Dec 4 1941
May 20 1967
Purple Heart
Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty.
Acting as a fire team leader with Company C, during combat operations PFC Bellrichard was with 4 fellow soldiers in a foxhole on their unit's perimeter when the position came under a massive enemy attack. Following a 30-minute mortar barrage, the enemy launched a strong ground assault. Pfc. Bellrichard rose in face of a group of charging enemy soldiers and threw hand grenades into their midst, eliminating several of the foe and forcing the remainder to withdraw. Failing in their initial attack, the enemy repeated the mortar and rocket bombardment of the friendly perimeter, then once again charged against the defenders in a concerted effort to overrun the position. PFC Bellrichard resumed throwing hand grenades at the onrushing attackers. As he was about to hurl a grenade, a mortar round exploded just in front of his position, knocking him into the foxhole and causing him to lose his grip on the already armed grenade. Recovering instantly, PFC Bellrichard recognized the threat to the lives of his 4 comrades and threw himself upon the grenade, shielding his companions from the blast that followed. Although severely wounded, PFC Bellrichard struggled into an upright position in the foxhole and fired his rifle at the enemy until he succumbed to his wounds. His selfless heroism contributed greatly to the successful defense of the position, and he was directly responsible for saving the lives of several of his comrades. His acts are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself and the U.S. Army.
The memorial is located at Oak Hill Cemetery. I could not locate an address for the cemetery. The entrance to the cemetery is located on southbound North Washington Street / North County Road E / U.S. Business Route 14, Janesville, Wisconsin.

NOTE: The cemetery is huge -- the grounds cover approximately 90 acres and roughly 13 miles of paved roadway! The memorial is at Plot: 311-15-7, in the northwest section of the cemetery.

See also, Bellrichard Memorial at Janesville Medal of Honor Veterans Walkway, at a nearby location.

See also, Oak Hill Cemetery Veterans Memorial, also at this location.

View from the top of the hill;
Leslie A. Bellrichard is buried to the left.

Leslie A. Bellrichard's headstone is to the right, near the top of the hill.

Bellrichard Memorial at Janesville Medal of Honor Veterans Walkway

View from the parking area to access the marker.

Leslie A. Bellrichard is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Janesville, Wisconsin.

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