German Evangelical and Protestant Church Cemetery

© Photographed July 4, 2015
Erected 2005 by New Berlin Landmarks Commission
 New Berlin, Waukesha County, Wisconsin
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German Evangelical and
Protestant Church Cemetery
   Resting beneath the Elm trees in a long forgotten cemetery lie the remains of some of the area's first pioneers.
   They were German settlers who had left their villages to sail across the Atlantic, traveled miles by wagons to cut trees, build homes, plant crops and raise families.
   Atop this small hill a cemetery was founded in the year of our Lord 1842. the [sic] first burial took place that year. Here the headstones of the early New Berlin settlers can be found. Amond them are eight of the Luke's children, Kramers, Korns, Sittles, and Wildes.
   Perhaps another score lie beneath the trees, long grass, tangled vines and bushes now covering what was once the site of this old German Church. This was the first permanent house of worship in the new town. The building was built in 1848 and dedicated in 1849.
New Berlin Landmarks Commission - 2005
The marker is located at The German Evangelical Protestant Cemetery and is accessible from southbound South Racine Avenue / County Highway Y, about a half mile south of its intersection with Swartz Road, at or near 4041 South Racine Avenue, New Berlin, Wisconsin 53146.

The marker, with the cemetery behind it.

The few remaining headstones . . .

View of the parking lot -- the marker is visible to the right.

Pioneer Cemetery is located in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

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