Emmanuel Church Cemetery

© Photographed July 4, 2015
Erected 1990 by Emmanuel Community United Methodist Church
Menomonee Falls, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Established in 1845, Emmanuel Church Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Menonomee Falls and the burial place of many Village pioneers, including Frederick Neha (1783-1865).
A native of Pennsylvania, Nehs led an emigration of family and church members to Menomonee Falls in 1844.
In 1846, Nehs helped organize a local congregation of the Evangelical Church of North America and later donated this property for the erection of a stone church completed in 1861. It was replaced in 1903 by a new structure known as the "Red Brick Church on the Hill". This building was razed in 1969 with completion of a new church of Menomonee Avenue.
Erected in 1990 by Emanuel Community
United Methodist Church and dedicated
to the memory of those buried here.

The marker is located at the entrance to Emmanuel Church Cemetery on westbound Roosevelt Drive, just west of its intersection with Appleton Avenue / Wisconsin Highway 175, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051.

 Don't see many of these kinds of cemetery fences anymore!

 There is no parking near the entrance to the cemetery.
Plenty of parking at the Copy Quik.

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