Elmer Gauger

© Photographed July 20, 2015
Painted June 2015 by Walldogs
Delavan, Walworth County, Wisconsin
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Elmer's Gauger
Fine artist & Signpainter
Born: 1905   Retired: 1972   Passed: 1974
Married: 1929 to Luella Vivian & had 3 sons
The Colorful Man who created Delavan's "Visual Flavor". His career lasted 46 Years. His Studio was at 1275 Terrace St. for 25 Yrs. (formerly Lackey's Horse-drawn Hearse Barn). Today you can see Elmer's Circus Stamp Art in the Post Office, right here in Delavan. Other notable work includes the Miller Beer Sign with the Girl in the Half-Moon designed in 1936 & still in use today, he painted the April 1951 cover of Wisconsin Conservation Bulletin. Commissioned paintings for Marshall Fields of Chicago, product containers for Wagner Specialty Co. of Burlington with Worldwide distribution, 5 ft. high Tire for Sears, & many Billboards. Elmer's signs graced the interiors & exteriors of Shops, Restaurants & other Businesses in Wisconsin * other States. He also worked along with Bill Mereness, friendly Signpainter from Walworth. Some of the trucks Elmer painted: Admiral, Borg Fabrics, Swanee Spuds, & Urbandale Dairy.
Dedicated to the
Gauger Family Legacy
Find out more @
Delavan Historical Society
Kit & Brad Bandow * Brushfire-Signs.com

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The mural is painted on the east side of a building and is accessible from eastbound East Walworth Avenue / County Highway O / Wisconsin Highway 11, at its intersection with South 2nd Street, at or near 136 East Walworth Avenue, Delavan, Wisconsin 53115.

GazetteXtra (June 25, 2015): Spreading paint and happiness: Walldogs descend on Delavan

The mural is No. 2 in a series of Delavan Walldogs Murals.

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The mural is accessible from the parking lot for Chen's Garden.

The mural is across from Tower Park (to the right).

The mural is No. 2 in a series of Delavan Walldogs Murals.

The mural is located in Delavan, Wisconsin.

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