Dunnville Sandstone

© Photographed July 12, 2015
Downsville, Dunn County, Wisconsin
44° 43.523′ N, 91° 55.93′ W
This stone, named Dunnville Sandstone, was quarried in a location first discovered in 1882 by surveyors for the railroad. Stone such as this was used for constructing our shelter house, the Mabel Tainter Memorial building in Menomonie, the St. Thomas Church in New York City, and in many other buildings.

Ulmer, Salahan, Lang, and H. Walters are former active stone quarries located across and up the river from this point.
The marker is located at Caddie Woodlawn Memorial Park off Highway 25, between 440th Street and 130th Avenue, Downsville, Wisconsin 54835.

Dunnville Sandstone 

See also, Marker 290: Mabel Tainter Memorial, at a nearby location.

See also, Marker 174: Caddie Woodlawn Marker, also at this location.

 The marker is to the right of the Caddie Woodlawn historical marker.

The referenced Mabel Tainter Memorial building.

The marker is located at Caddie Woodlawn County Park.

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