Christopher Latham Sholes 1819 - 1890

Photographed July 5, 2015
Unveiled June 7, 1924
[Source: Badger Saints and Sinners by Fred L. Homes]
Dedicated by "The Young Men and Women of America"
Forest Home Cemetery
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

1819 - 1890
The Father of the Typewriter
Dedicated by
The Young Men and Women of America
in grateful memory of one who
materially aided in the world's progress

The memorial is located at Forest Home Cemetery, 2405 West Forest Home Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215.

NOTE: The memorial is located at Section 10, Block 18, Lot 3 (see map below).

Forest Home Cemetery
Best known as the inventor of the typewriter, Sholes was active in newspaper publishing and politics. He was Milwaukee postmaster during the Civil War and later became port collector and commissioner of public works. An active inventor, he developed several devices during his newspaper career. Rights to the typewriter were sold to the Remington Company.

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See also, Marker 43: Invention of the Typewriter, in nearby downtown Milwaukee.

 Christopher Latham Sholes
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 This State Historical Society "official" marker in downtown Milwaukee
honors the Invention of The Typewriter.

 The memorial is behind the bush at the top of the knoll.
The easiest access to the Sholes memorial
is to park near the Voechting monument.

View from the cemetery road.
The memorial is at the top of the knoll,
behind the bush between the tree trunk and the Voechting monument.

The memorial is located in Section 10, Block 18, Lot 3

The memorial is located at Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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