Woodbine Nature Trail: Who Weaves That Web?

© Photographed June 13, 2015
Nelson Dewey State Park
Cassville, Grant County, Wisconsin
42.731872, -91.017633 (entrance to park)
42.741251, -91.028895 (trail head, approximate)
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Who Weaves that Web?
While visiting Nelson Dewey State Park, you will encounter many types of webs created by different types of animals. Below are some of the common web weavers in the park.

Eastern Tent caterpillars spend the winter in egg masses on twigs of trees. They hatch in spring about the time tree buds open. After feeding for two days, the larvae weave their tent. The tents are typically in the fork of branches.

Eastern Tent Caterpillars are active from April until early June. They are a native insect to Wisconsin.

Spiders construct specific types of silken web to trap prey. A single spider may produce more than six types of silk for different purposes. Sticky segments are used to catch prey, while the non-sticky strands are used for travel.
Spider Facts:
  • Most spiders lay down a single strand of silk as they walk, which acts as a safety line.
  • Spiders are among the most important predators in many ecosystems.
  • Spider numbers often exceed 100 per square meter.
The Fall Webworm caterpillar spends the winter as a pupa in the soil. During June and July, adult moths emerge from the soil, and the females began laying eggs. The eggs hatch in late July or August, and the larvae feed within the web for approximately one month.

Unlike Eastern Tent caterpillars, Fall Webworms typically make their nests on branch tips. Most of the time, trees can recover from the feeding damage of both the Eastern Tent Caterpillar and the Fall Webworm. This inspect is also native to Wisconsin.
The marker is located along the Woodbine Nature Trail, adjacent to the "Family Campground" inside Nelson Dewey State Park, and is accessible from northbound County Highway VV, north of its intersection with Great River Road / Wisconsin Highway 133, at or near 12190 County Highway VV, Cassville, Wisconsin 53806.

View of the Mississippi River from the marker location.

At the Woodbine Nature Trail trail head.

Dexter's rarin' to go!

The marker is located at Nelson Dewey State Park in Cassville, Wisconsin.

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