Woodbine Nature Trail: Keepers of the Night

© Photographed June 13, 2015
Nelson Dewey State Park
Cassville, Grant County, Wisconsin
42.731872, -91.017633 (entrance to park)
42.741251, -91.028895 (trail head, approximate)
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Keepers of the Night
Animals that are most active during the daytime are called diurnal. Animals that are most active during early morning and early evening hours are called crepuscular. Whitetail deer are a good example of crepuscular species. Animals that are active mostly at night are called nocturnal. You may see some of them during the daytime as well, but these animals prefer to hunt and travel during darkness.

It is important to have animals active during the day [sic] and nighttime hours so that they do not compete for food, water, shelter and space. Hawks and owls are a [sic] good example [sic]. Hawks eat rodents that are active during the day, while owls eat rodent species that are active at night. They both help us control rodent populations, but do not compete with each other for food.
Some nocturnal animals at
Nelson Dewey State Park

Barred Owl
Great Horned Owl
Screech Owl
Little brown bat
Silver haired bat
Hoary bat
Big brown bat
Flying Squirrel

Listen for the howl of a coyote while sitting
by the campfire tonight.

Nocturnal Animal Facts
  • Bats are not blind and can see almost as good [sic] as we can.
  • One bat can eat 4000-5000 insects each night.
  • Owls fly almost completely silent [sic] due to flight feathers that are fringed like a comb. This allows air to pass through without making a noise.
  • Most nocturnal animals have large eyes, which enable [sic] them to gather more light in order to see better at night.
  • Flying squirrels do not fly, but glide using skin flaps.
  • Great horned owls will eat skunks and all other species of owls common in Wisconsin. 
  • Coyotes and wolves do not howl at the moon. 
The marker is located along the Woodbine Nature Trail, adjacent to the "Family Campground" inside Nelson Dewey State Park, and is accessible from northbound County Highway VV, north of its intersection with Great River Road / Wisconsin Highway 133, at or near 12190 County Highway VV, Cassville, Wisconsin 53806.

At the Woodbine Nature Trail trail head.

Dexter's rarin' to go!

The marker is located at Nelson Dewey State Park in Cassville, Wisconsin.

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