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Wyalusing State Park
Bagley, Grant County, Wisconsin
42.991818,-91.124511 (approximate location)

The Winnebago loved their home at southwestern Wisconsin and didn't give it up easily. When pressured by the throng of lead miners settling on their land, they ultimately sought revenge. In 1827, Red Bird and two companions killed several settlers in Prairie du Chien. Red Bird and the others surrendered voluntarily and were placed in prison. A presidential pardon was sought, but Red Bird died in prison before this was resolved. In 1829, the Winnebago ceded their vast territory to the U.S. Government and were removed to western reservations. But many homesick Winnebago returned and lived near the park as late as 1900.
The marker is located deep inside Wyalusing State Park, along the Sentinel Ridge Trail, and is accessible from the Green Cloud Picnic Area parking lot, accessible from Long Valley Road, .5 miles west of its intersection with State Park Lane. The park entrance is located at 13081 State Park Lane, Bagley, Wisconsin 53801.

NOTE: The marker is located inside a Wisconsin State Park; an annual sticker or daily-use fee to enter.

Wisconsin State Park System: Wyalusing State Park

Map of Wyalusing State Park
(See below for map details of marker location.)

"Dwelling place of the old holy man"

Red Bird, Winnebago Chief

The marker is one of a series of markers placed along the Sentinel Ridge Trail.

Looking north at the start of the interpretative trail;
the adjacent parking lot (not visible in this photo) is to the left.

 Red arrow -- Green Cloud Picnic Area (park here)
Blue arrow -- Sentinel Ridge Trail and Indian Mounds

 The marker is located at Wyalusing State Park.

Wyalusing State Park is located in Bagley, Wisconsin.

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