What a View!

© Photographed June 12, 2015
Erected by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Ontario, Vernon County, Wisconsin
43° 42.096′ N, 90° 34.302′ W

What a View!
From this Observation Point, a section of the Kickapoo River Valley spreads out before you. Wildcat Ridge and Mt. Pisgah can be seen to your left. "Pisgah" is a Hebrew word meaning "peak." Little Pisgah stands in front of the bigger peak. The Kickapoo Valley Reserve extends beyond these points to the right. In the distance, the rolling hills of Lower Ridge and Dobbs Valley are visible.

In the winter, the scene opens up and much that is hidden by oak and maple leaves in other seasons is apparent. More of the winding Kickapoo River is in view and the Lower Picnic area by Mt. Pisgah can be seen.

This point, 400 feet above the river, is often filled with Turkey Vultures and Red-tail Hawks soaring around the valley. Even the Red Cedar trees hang on for their lives to these sheer cliff walls.

Enjoy the view but please stay away from the edge!
The marker is located at the Observation Point at Wildcat Mountain State Park on northbound Wisconsin Highway 33, north of its intersection with County Road F. The address for the entrance of the part is E13660 State Highway 33, Ontario, Wisconsin 54651.

Driftless Wisconsin: Kickapoo River Valley

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The marker is on the left.

The pathway leading to the marker location.

Easy access to the trail from the parking lot.

Plenty of parking to access the marker.

Say "Wisconsin Cheeeeeeeese," Dexter!

The entrance to Wildcat Mountain State Park.

The marker is located at Wildcat Mountain State Park in Ontario, Wisconsin.

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