St. James Court (1903)

Photographed June 6, 2015
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
43° 2.313′ N, 87° 55.371′ W

This property has been listed
by the
United States Department of Interior
in the National Register of Historic Places
This Neo-Classical Beaux Arts-influenced building was designed in 1895 by the prominent Milwaukee architectural firm of Ferry and Clas. The design references certain concepts of the “City Beautiful” movement such as downtown urban living, electric street lighting, streetcars, and pedestrian conveniences. These City Beautiful concepts were featured at the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. In 1903, when the land became available, the Saint James Court Apartments were built here on Milwaukee’s main street, Wisconsin Avenue. What exists at this special place on Wisconsin Avenue with its Court of Honor in the boulevard, venerable churches, the heavily-used and monumental Central Library, the popular Wisconsin Club, and the Saint James Court building shows how built examples of City Beautiful principles continue to combine aesthetics and function to create a framework for Society.
The property is located on eastbound Wisconsin Avenue, at its T-intersection with North 9th Street, at 831 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233.

NOTE: There is plenty of public parking on 9th Street to easily access the marker location. Urban spelunking: St. James Court apartments, published November 11, 2013
Be sure to check out this fabulous article and inside tour of the gorgeous St. James Court apartments, written by Bobby Tanzilo

National Register of Historic Places: Wisconsin
Year Built: 1903
Historic Use: apartment/condominium
Architectural Style: Neoclassical
Wall Material: Brick
Architect: Ferry and Clas

St. James Court, with the Washington statue visible to the left.

View of George Washington statue and Milwaukee Central Library
from the marker location.

St. James Court (to the left) and the St. James Episcopal Church (to the right).

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