Second Fort Crawford

© Photographed June 13, 2015
Prairie du  Chien, Crawford County, Wisconsin
43° 2.565′ N, 91° 8.818′ W
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In 1999, archaeologists discovered these limestone foundation blocks lying under three feet of fill as they monitored road and pipeline work along Beaumont Road. These limestone blocks were part of the foundations of the Second Fort Crawford, an important frontier post that helped establish an American presence in what is now the state of Wisconsin.

These blocks were quarried from the bluffs across the Mississippi River in Iowa. Soldiers and civilians under the direction of Zachary Taylor constructed the fort between 1829 and 1834.

The large sawed stone is from the Company Quarters while the two smaller stones, found near the east entrance, may be stepping stones. The mortared stones are a reconstruction of a section of the Officers'  Quarters southern foundation. These stones represent a touchable piece of the fort's history.
The marker is located at Fort Crawford Museum, 717 South Beaumont Road, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin 53821.

Second Fort Crawford is included in the National Historic Landmarks Program.

There are many interesting markers at Fort Crawford Museum, including two Wisconsin Historical Society "official" markers. Click here to view a list of all markers at this location.

Screenshot of vintage postcard provided by
Ruins of Old Fort Crawford, Prairie-du-Chien, Wis. 

Screenshot of vintage postcard provided by
Fort Crawford, Prairie du Chien, Wis.

The marker is located on the grounds of the Fort Crawford Museum.

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