Old Town Hall Museum / Price County Historical Society

© Photographed June 18, 2015 and June 4, 2017
Fifield, Price County, Wisconsin
Old Town Hall Museum & Greenfield School, on northbound Flambeau Avenue / Wisconsin Highway 13, at its intersection with Pine Street, at or near 7213 Pine Street, Fifield, Wisconsin 54524.

Old Town Hall Museum & Greenfield School

The property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Wisconsin.

These are also at this location:

     Old Town Hall Museum Building, a gift from the Town of Fifield to the Price County Historical Society for a museum of the "logging era", was built in 1894. A unique government building with an illustrious past, it is considered a distinctive landmark -- one of a few remaining of its kind.
     Still intact (old "opera house" above and "council chambers" below) only stage scenery, a two-cell jail (scrapped during WWII) and vault door (in new town hall) have been removed.
     Many Price County towns were bustling logging centers -- the remnants a "priceless heritage". Thus, we hope Old Town Hall Museum will provide worthwhile moments in the shadow of the historic days of Old Price County.
"Part of our heritage today is to preserve the past for tomorrow".

The location is a Wisconsin Heritage site:

The Museum is located in Fifield, Wisconsin.

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