Lancaster Area Veterans Memorial

Photographed June 14, 2015
Dedicated Sunday, October 19, 2014
Erected by the Citizens of Lancaster and the Surrounding Area
Lancaster, Grant County, Wisconsin

The memorial is located at Lancaster Memorial Park and is easily accessible from the South Entrance on westbound East Lincoln Avenue, between Weber Parkway (to the east) and South Eaton Street (to the west), Lancaster, Wisconsin 53813.
NOTE: The memorial is spread out over about 100 yards of grounds. At either end of the memorial stands a solitary sentinel. Between the sentinels are 12 tablets (organized into three groups of four), each with a stanza of the Pledge of Allegiance at the top and then the names of area veterans, starting with the War of 1812 and through to the present.

I photographed the memorial beginning at the northwest entrance, then a photo of a group of four tablets, then the front of the tablets (moving from left to right), then the back of the tablets (moving from left to right), which is the chronological order of the tablets and the stanzas of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Each of the tablets was escorted to the memorial on a Lancaster fire truck; then a crane lifted each tablet off the truck and placed it at the memorial. Click here for photos; Click here for more photos.

The memorial was dedicated Sunday, October 19, 2014. Click here for photos.

 The sentinel at the northwest entrance to the memorial.

 The northwest tablets.

 The center tablets.

The southeast tablets.

The sentinel at the southeast entrance to the memorial.

The memorial is easily accessible
from the South Entrance to Lancaster Memorial Park.

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