Heal the Man, Heal the Land

© Photographed June 13, 2015
Wyalusing State Park
Bagley, Grant County, Wisconsin
42.98923,-91.115608 (marker location inside park)
42.977781,-91.113915 (entrance to the park)
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Heal The Man,
Heal The Land
 Through the Storm
Imagine you are 18 years old. The violence of WWI has finally ended, but American cannot escape the dark tide of despair that threatens to drown her citizens. You have no skill, no job, and no money. You have nothing but the desire to make your life better. How will you survive? This is the situation that confronted the generation of young men who became adults during the Great Depression. For them, the Civilian Conservation Corps was a life raft guiding them [the 18-year-olds] to rediscover hope and renewed faith in their country and themselves.
"Here in the morning of our lives we know only that the sun is ascending; our backs are turned from the dreadful night that is just past. We have come through the storm and the darkness and the terror of the night to face with smiles the sunshine of the new day that lies glorious and clear before us."
- John Fox
CCC Educational Advistor

The marker is located at The Paul Lawrence Interpretative Center at Wyalusing State Park, on northbound State Park Lane, a couple of miles north of its intersection with County Road Cx, Bagley, Wisconsin 53801.

NOTE: The marker is located inside a fee area. Vehicle admission sticker or daily pass fee is required.

Wisconsin State Park System: Wyalusing State Park

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From 1933 to 1941 the CCC provided economic, social and environmental benefits to the nation.
  • 3,000,000 employed
  • Over 2.5 billion trees planted
  • 800 state parks developed
  • 13,100 miles of trails built
The marker is located at The Paul Lawrence Interpretative Center.

The marker is located inside Wyalusing State Park.

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