Gates of Charity / Sharey Zedek Synagogue

© Photographed June 19, 2015
Erected 2005 by Iron County Historical Society
Hurley, Iron County, Wisconsin
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Gates of Charity
400 Division Street, Hurley, Wisconsin
From 1895 until 1940, this building served as the religious center for the Jews of Hurley and surrounding communities. This plaque is presented on July 24, 2005 by the Iron County Historical Society to remember the Jewish community of the Gogebic Range. Those attending the ceremony of this day are thankful for the welcoming environment their ancestors found in Hurley.
The marker is located on the northwest corner of the T-intersection of Division Street and 4th Avenue North, at or near 400 Division Street, Hurley, Wisconsin 54534.

The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle (August 31, 2009): Land of milk and Houdini: A Wisconsin Jewish heritage tour 

The following photos provided courtesy of
Iron County Historical Society
and are located on the second floor of the

Sharey Zedek Synagogue building, 400 Division Street, Hurley (after the 1919 addition). After electrification of the building (photo below), the skylight by the dome has been closed. Note the Hurley city streets are not yet paved. Source: Gilbert Endrizzi.

The synagogue's Torah -- priceless!

Rabbi and Mrs. Rein

The marker is located in Hurley, Wisconsin.


Avraham Cohen said...

Where did they move all the bodies? My great grandfather was buried there.

steve said...

The cemetery is still there.

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