Fennimore Memorial Park

 Photographed June 14, 2015
Erected by
Fennimore, Grant County, Wisconsin

Our Veterans Memorial is dedicated to
our country's service men and women who have
in the past and present served this Nation to
protect not only our freedom but the freedom
of humanity itself around the globe. On this
memorial you will find the names of Fennimore
area veterans from as far back as recording
has allowed. This memorial was inspired by
two earlier memorials that proudly
acknowledged Fennimore veterans for their
courageous contribution to freedom and world
peace. The pictures that you see at the top of
this stone are of those two original memorials.
The first was created out of wood and no
longer exists. The second stood just 20 feet
south of this location and consisted of wood
and tan blocks, a few of which you can see
used below. The arc-shaped design of that
memorial and the concrete block walls
were extremely instrumental in creating
the design of the memorial you see here
today. We display these past memorials
with admiration and respect for those
who worked so hard to create them.
-Fennimore Memorial Park Committee

Fenimore Memorial Park is located on eastbound 8th Street, at its intersection with Lincoln Avenue / U.S. Route 18 / 61, Fennimore, Wisconsin 53809.

NOTE: The Fennimore Veterans Memorial is not completed. Monuments bearing the names of the area's veterans have yet to be placed.

Fennimore, Wisconsin: Fennimore Veteran's Memorial Project
This link contains downloadable lists of Fennimore area Veterans to be recognized on the memorial.

Title stone, brick pavers and benches have been installed and more than $125,000 of $160,000 has been raised.

Includes a photo of the planned memorial

Looking north along Lincoln Avenue / U.S. Route 18 / 61.

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