Collins-Meyer V.F.W.Post 2903 Veterans Memorial

Photographed June 6, 2015
Erected 1943 & 1990 by Collins-Meyer V.F.W.Post 2903
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

In memory of
all men and women who so faithfully served
God and their country in the wars of this nation
Dedicated by
Collins-Meyer V.F.W. Post 2903
1943 & 1990

We remember Veterans of Foreign Wars
Spanish American War
World War I                World War II
1917-1918                    1941-1945
Korean War              Vietnam War
1950-1953                  1964-1973

The memorial is located at the entrance to the Mitchell Park Conservatory ("The Domes"), located at 524 South Layton Boulevard, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215.

See also, Mitchell Park and Jacques Vieau in 1795, also at this location.

The memorial is adjacent to the base of the flagpole.

The memorial is located at "The Domes" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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