C.A.R.E. Youth Leadership Committee 9/11 Memorial

© Photographed June 13, 2015
Prairie du Chien, Crawford County, Wisconsin
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SEPT. 11, 2002
"We will not waiver; we will not tire;
we will not falter; and we will not fail;
peace and freedom will prevail."
President George W. Bush
September 2001

"Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears of [illegible]
We can see life with a clearer view again. [illegible]
In memory of all those who died  [illegible]
In honor [illegible]

The marker is located along the east bank of the Mississippi River, at Lawler Park on St. Feriole Island, and is accessible from southbound North Water Street, between Bolvin Street (to the north) and Fisher Street (to the south), Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin 53821.

Looking northwest, with the Mississippi River in the background.

The marker is located near a North Water Street parking lot.

 The marker is located in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

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