Walls of Wittenberg: The Nuts and Bolts of It (2010)

Photographed May 2, 2015
Completed 2010 / Painted by Artist Andy Goretski
Wittenberg, Shawano County, Wisconsin
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The year is 1910; the end of the pioneer days and the beginning of the industrial revolution. Wittenberg is bustling with activity. Agriculture and lumbering are well established as well as the growth of the village itself. The Chicago Northwestern Railway brings visitors as well as transporting freight in and out on its vital artery to destinations near and far. Fish, logs and mail in; lumber,mail and Wittenberg Drops out, the latter being a concoction created by Rev. Homme to raise funds for his homes for the elderly and orphans.

With the growth of the population and the increasing diversity of their needs, people needed provisions. The hardware store became an important place to get tools, equipment and household needs. What has changed? Not a lot! The hardware store is still the go-to place for what we need to fix our homes, our machines, our businesses.

An additional virtue of the store was its role as a warm gathering spot for catching up on the news, camaraderie and a brief respite from work.
The mural is located on the east side of the True Value Hardware Store located on southbound South Cherry Street, at its intersection with East Vinal Street, at 301 South Cherry Street, Wittenberg, Wisconsin 54499.
Andy Goretski, who lives in Lincoln County on the edge of the Wisconsin Northwoods, has been decorating Wisconsin since 1984. As a mural painter and wildlife and commercial artist, his work has been primarily in hand painted graphics and using art to enhance visual communication whenever possible. The majority of his work has been creating signs for schools, hospitals, small businesses, churches, vehicles and government organizations. He notes that "to draw and paint is an urge that is strong."

Andy can be reached at Custom Murals, N6334 Hwy 107, Tomahawk, WI 54487; 715-536-8278; custommurals1@aol.com
All Walls of Wittenberg, Inc. website content used with gracious permission.

Walls of Wittenberg is located in Wittenberg, Wisconsin.

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