Dr. Kate Pelham Newcomb Museum

 © Photographed May 2, 2015
Woodruff, Oneida County, Wisconsin

The Dr. Kate Museum is located at 923 2nd Avenue, Woodruff, Wisconsin 54568.

The Dr. Kate Museum is the repository for memorabilia for Dr. Kate Pelham Newcomb, the 1953 Million Penny Parade and Geometry teacher Mr. Otto Burich, AV-W High School and grade school from 1891-Present and the Town of Woodruff history. The 1954 episode of Ralph Edwards television show "This is Your Life" is shown. The museum also presents exhibits about the "Nestledown, a favorite Woodruff business of the past, a jukebox playing 1950's favorites, and a player piano.
  • The Dr. Kate Museum is open the 2nd Monday in June through the Friday prior to Labor Day. hours are Monday-Friday 11-3. Admission by donation.
  • Special group tours are available by appointment.
  • School field trips and bus tours are welcome by appointment.
  • Presentations may be scheduled for churches, schools, or civic and fraternal organizations at their locations.
  • Educational material is available to students outside the Lakeland area by request.
Dr. Kate Museum: Worlds [sic] Largest Penny
This link is filled with all kinds of penny facts. For example, 1,000,000 pennies placed side-by-side will cover an area of 3906.24 square feet!

Wikipedia: Kate Pehlam Newcomb

See also these nearby related markers:

 Snowshow tracks at the entrance to the museum . . .

 Doctor Kate | Angel on Snowshoes
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Some of the exhibits inside the museum
(click on each photo for a closer look):

Dr. Kate was made an honorary member of a Native American tribe.

 Some of the actual envelopes received during The Million Penny Parade.

See also these nearby related markers:

The World's Largest Penny on the grounds of the former
Arbor Vitae-Woodruff School (since razed).
The penny was dedicated May 29, 1954.

 Roadway sign leading to museum's location.

The museum is located in Woodruff, Wisconsin.

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