Carson Park / Eau Claire Baseball Hall of Fame

Photographed May 24, 2015
Carson Park
Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin
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Carson Park is located on a 134-acre peninsula created on an oxbow lake, Half Moon Lake, which was part of the former course of the Chippewa River. The land was donated in 1914 to the City of Eau Claire by an heir to lumbar baron William Carson.

Carson Park is home to several historical sites, each with their own collection of markers, including the Eau Claire Baseball Hall of Fame, The Carson Park Historical Information Podiums, the Paul Bunyun Logging Museum, and the Chippewa Area Museum. The markers at Carson Park are organized by site, below:

Eau Claire Baseball Hall of Fame

Carson Park Historical Information Podiums
From Grief to Gratitude
The White Pine / The Red Pine

Paul Bunyan Logging Camp
From Grief to Gratitude
Paul Bunyan Museum
The Jammer
The Rutter Shoe
The Sprinkler
The White Pine / The Red Pine

The Chippewa Valley Museum
Heritage #212: Chippewa Valley Museum
The Chippewa Valley Museum

Carson Park is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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