What Lies Beneath: Discover What's Below Our Wisconsin Waves

Photographed  April 4, 2015
The Wisconsin History Tour
History Museum at the Castle
Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin

"The Wisconsin History Tour" is located at The History Museum at the Castle on westbound East College Avenue, at its intersection with North Drew Street, at 330 East College Avenue, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911.

"The Wisconsin History Tour" is located at The History Museum at the Castle from March 17 through April 30, 2015. It moves each moth to a different Wisconsin city, and includes an exhibit of "historic photographs, documents and stories about the Wisconsin community hosting the Tour".

"What Lies Beneath" provides a sampling of the history of four shipwrecks that have occurred in Wisconsin waters. Apart from "The Wisconsin History Tour", the Wisconsin Historical Society has placed historical markers at many shipwreck sites. Those markers are included in the Wisconsin's Maritime Trails: Historical Markers series.

In Wisconsin's vast and deep bodies of water lie 750 abandoned and sunken ships. Of these 750, only 70 have been found. Many fessels still contain personal objects and cargo, offering archaeologists insight to past ways of life. The rest remain a mystery, hiding deep beneath the cold waters of our Great Lakes.

The Wisconsin Historical Society has explored and documented over 70 shipwrecks, expanding our knowledge and ensuring long-term preservation of these sites. Through the stories of these vessels, including those of the Lucerne, Lakeland, Rouse Simmons and Appomattox, we discover some of the secrets of our Wisconsin waters hold.
Lake Superior: Lucerne

Green Bay / Door County: Lakeland

Mid-Lake Michigan: Rouse Simmons

Lower-Lake Michigan: Appomattox

This exhibit is part of the traveling "The Wisconsin History Tour".

from March 17 through April 30, 2015

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