United States Coast Guard Tribute

© Photographed April 18, 2015
Erected by DeForest Veterans Memorial Foundation, Inc.
DeForest, Dane County, Wisconsin
The United States Coast Guard is a
military, multi-mission, maritime
service within the Department of
Homeland Security during peacetime.
Upon declaration of war or when the
President directs, the Coast Guard
operates under the authority of the
Department of the Navy. Its core
roles are to protect the public, the
environment and economic and
security interests in any maritime
region in which U.S. interests may be
at risk, including international waters
and America’s coasts, ports and
inland waterways. Coast Guard
members are known for their
tightknit relationships and
adaptability, allowing them to live up
to their motto Semper Paratus,
meaning, “Always Ready” no matter
the circumstances.

The memorial is located at DeForest Veterans Memorial Park located on northbound North Main Street / County Highway CV, just north of its intersection with Carriage Way, DeForest, Wisconsin 53532.

United States Coast Guard

DeForest Veterans Memorial Park

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The memorial is located at DeForest Veterans Memorial Park.

The memorial is located at Veterans Memorial Park in DeForest, Wisconsin.

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