The 8 by 26 Lighted Bell Radar-Reflector Buoy (LBR)

© Photographed April 18, 2015
Erected by DeForest Veterans Memorial Foundation, Inc.
DeForest, Dane County, Wisconsin
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The 8 by 26 Lighted
Bell Radar-Reflector Buoy (LBR)
"8 by 26 LBR" denotes the buoy's size and the type of mission. The numbers 8 and 26 denote its diameter and length. The "l" indicates it is a lighten buoy, the light powered by batteries that would be stored under the round hatches in its large bottom compartment. The "B" notes that it is a bell buoy, the bell rung by the rocking of the waves that pass beneath it. The "R" designates that it is radar-reflective, showing itself to ships that may not see it with their eyes or ears, but will note its presence as their radar sweeps.

This buoy is serial number 8-46-50, showing it is an eight foot diameter buoy and was the 50th buoy of that class to be manufactured in 1946. While the entire history of this buoy is not known, we do know that its last years were spent marking the Boulder Reef in Northern Lake Michigan. Boulder Reef, off the coast of Wisconsin and Michigan, is only 15 feet below the surface of the water, with a rocky bottom and in an isolated position, making it particularly hazardous to ships passing through the area. Its service, in all weather and at all times, is a perfect example of the Coast Guard's dedication to protecting our Nation's waterways.
The memorial is located at DeForest Veterans Memorial Park located on northbound North Main Street / County Highway CV, just north of its intersection with Carriage Way, DeForest, Wisconsin 53532.

DeForest Veterans Memorial Park

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The buoy is located at DeForest Veterans Memorial Park.

The buoy is located at Veterans Memorial Park in DeForst, Wisconsin.

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