Site 18: Bidinger Blacksmith Shop

Photographed April 26, 2015
Erected by The National Flag Day Foundation
Waubeka, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
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Chief Waubeka Historical Trail
Site 18
Bidinger Blacksmith Shop
The Bidinger blacksmith shop was owned and operated by [sic] Bidinger family whose home was located just to the north. With its riverside location and stone walls, the blacksmith shop offered a good amount of protection against the threat of fire.

The riverside location could create problems of its own. Ice dams in the Spring [sic] would occasionally cause the structure to be flooded.

This structure was removed in the late twentieth century.
The marker is located on northbound Cigrand Drive / County Highway H, at its T-intersection with Center Street, at N5410 Cigrand Drive, Waubeka, Wisconsin 53021.

The marker is included in the Chief Waubeka Historical Trail created by the National Flag Day Foundation.

These markers are also at this location:

The marker is on the right.

The referenced Bidinger House (south of the marker location)

Looking south on Cigrand Drive, with the marker visible between the buildings.

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