Numerical List of Wisconsin Historical Society "Official" Markers

Marker 1: Peshtigo Fire Cemetery, erected 1951

This post includes a digital list of the Wisconsin Historical Society's "official" markers -- organized by number / date erected. Marker 1: Peshtigo Fire Cemetery was erected in 1951. The list now contains more than 550 markers. In my opinion, it's nearly impossible to use this numerical list. When I began my journey in 2012 to visit and photograph the then 532 markers on the list, there was no user-friendly list of the markers. So, the first thing I did was put the list into a logical order by organizing the markers first by county and then numerically; this took nearly 60 hours and was the impetus for the "Wisconsin Historical Markers" website.

Anyway, here are Wisconsin Historical Society's "official" markers, listed in numerical order:


Anonymous said...

I love your project. I Have been thinking about doing this type of touring around the state. I think you also give the state a great resource to learn from and a great sense of pride for our home. I just feel like the organized lists your sell are to pricey for the common person. But I could understand that it takes times to do this however I hope you consider lowering it one day as it gains traction. Thanks for your hard work.

Wisconsin Historical Markers said...

Thank you, Jenn, for stopping by and for your comments. I would, however, like to give you some perspective on my project.
For the first three years, I invested 40-60 hours per week on this project. For each of the more than 5,300 posts that are currently on the website, I have invested 4-6 hours of my time per post. I am asking for $0.50 per location. That's less than 10 cents per hour. I do not think my fee of $0.50 per location and a $15 handling fee is unreasonable. The State Historical Society charges a $15 handling fee for all requests, plus the cost of any document / photo.
In the past four years, I have driven approximately 75,000 miles around Wisconsin. I have paid for all my own fuel, meals, and hotel rooms. When it got too expensive to get a hotel room that took pets, I sold the Solara that was paid for in full and took out a loan to purchase a RAV-4 that could haul a camper so I could continue to bring my dog with me on trips. I now have a car payment, and I dipped into my savings to pay cash for a modest, bare bones 1980's fiberglass camper, and now camp in State campgrounds when I travel.
I have replaced one Canon digital SLR (nearly $1,000), and three Canon lenses (all wore out from use).
I guesstimate that I have invested between $15-$20,000 of my own funds for this project.
In the meantime, two other "historical marker" websites began lurking on my website and letting me do all the work to find the markers so they could turn around and easily populate their own websites. That made me mad. Really mad. That is the primary reason the lists are no longer available or free.
All the information a person needs to plan a tour is accessible on my website. Every post has labels, and every post can be searched for by county or city. Yes, it will take time to put together a trip that way -- but the time it takes you is a mere fraction of the time it took me.
More than 50% of what is on my website is nowhere else on line. I'm proud of my project and what I have been able to accomplish. I am also humbled and blessed to still be here (and that I did not die from the cancer that was the impetus for this project). Also, this project is ongoing. I am currently aware of approximately 1,000 markers and sites to visit and photograph.
Every resource on my website is available for free for research, trip planning and viewing. I charge only for the organized lists and copyrighted content (i.e., my articles and photos). Based on the tens of thousands of unpaid hours and unreimbursed costs that I have invested in this project, I believe my charges are fair and reasonable.
You are not the first to contact me about me fees for the “easy-to-use” lists. So I decided to use this opportunity to explain why I’m charging.
I encourage you to continue with your marker travels. Wisconsin is the most wonderful and beautiful state I've lived in (raised in Southern California, lived in New York for six years before moving to Wisconsin in 2011). It is also the state my great-grandmother emigrated to from Norway, the state where my beautiful, loving grandmother, Ethel Petersen was born, and it is where I plan to spend the rest of my life.
Thank you again, Jenn, for your comments! I do appreciate hearing from you!

Mike said...

I see the numbering system for the historical markers i.e. 01-01, but I don't see those numbers on the markers themselves. Are those numbers there and I'm just missing them?

Wisconsin Historical Markers said...

No, the numbers are not on the markers themselves. The Wisconsin Historical Society lists its "official" markers in numerical order, which is also (but not always) the chronological order in which they are erected. Actually, it's not an "01-01" -- just straight numerical, 1, 2, 3, etc.

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