Marsh Migrants

 © Photographed April 18, 2015
Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
Waupun, Dodge County, Wisconsin
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Marsh Migrants
Located in the Mississippi Flyway, Horicon Marsh is a critical stopover for hundreds of thousands of birds during the spring and fall. Over 268 different species of birds have been sighted on the refuge over the years. Each fall, nearly one million Canada geese migrate through the area, and a large majority stops at the marsh to feed and rest before continuing their journey south to southern Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Many species of ducks, shorebirds, wading birds, and songbirds may also be seen in large numbers during the migration seasons. The marsh is designed as a Globally important Bird Area and also as a State important Bird Area by the American Bird Conservancy.
The marker is at the third stop on the three-mile Horicon National Wildlife Refuge Auto Tour & Trails tour loop. The entrance to the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge | Tempike Auto Tour is located on eastbound Wisconsin Highway 49, about three miles east of the Wisconsin Highway 151 exit, Waupun, Wisconsin 53963.

"Horicon" -- a Mohican word meaning pure, clean water.

American Bird Conservancy

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 Horicon National Wildlife Refuge Auto Tour and Walking Trails
( the auto tour is the circle of red dots)

The marker is located on the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
Auto Tour & Trails in Horicon, Wisconsin.

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