Christopher Columbus Museum

Photographed April 11, 2015
Columbus, Columbia County, Wisconsin

The Christopher Columbus Museum is located at the east end of Whitney Street, east of its intersection with North Water Street, at 239 Whitney Street, Columbus, Wisconsin 53925.

Christopher Columbus Museum
Featuring Chicago's 1983 World's Columbian Exposition
Christopher Columbus Museum displaying quality souvenir memorabilia from Chicago's 1893 World's Columbian Exposition (World's Fair). Educational exhibits include: library, statues, lithographs, paper, glassware, china, porcelain, tapestries, metals, silk ribbons, cloth, bronze and many types of souvenirs.

The Museum display covers 300 feet of wall space, 80 cases with about 2,000 items in 3,000 sq. ft. Many Items are "one of a kind" rarity and present a broad collection of diverse and unique items that bring to life the period from which Columbus burst forth. Daniel and Rose Armato's personal active collection dates to 1981. Their collection honors Christopher Columbus' (500 years) 1942-1992 Quincentennial Celebration. 
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The property is also home to "Wisconsin's Largest Antique Mall". At the time of my visit (on a Saturday afternoon), the small parking lot was packed full. I will return another time for a look inside.

 The property is also home to "Wisconsin's Largest Antique Mall".

  This sign got my attention, on northbound 151 . . .

 The last sign, a left turn onto North Water Street.

The road curves to the right and leads directly to
the parking lot for the Christopher Columbus Museum.

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