Oneida Nation Walk of Legends

Oneida Nation Walk of Legends™
Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin
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(see bottom of post for chronological list of monuments)
The Oneida Nation Walk of Legends™ is a series of 24 engraved granite-and-steel monuments that pay tribute to the legends of Green Bay football and chronicle the history of the Packers organization from 1895 to the present. The Oneida Nation Walk of Legends™ is a free walking / driving tour located along a 1.4 mile-long public art walkway east of Lambeau Field that includes Lombardi Avenue, Bart Starr Drive, Reggie White Way, Tony Canadeo Run, Brett Favre Pass, and Holmgren Way. (July 21, 2010): Who's who on the Walk of Legends

Stone Business Online (January 8, 2009): Oneida Nation Walk of Legends, Green Bay, Wis. The inspiring story of how mother-and-daughter-team, Sandi and Corrie Campbell, envisioned, developed and brought to fruition the Oneida Nation Walk of Legends™.

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The Walk Begins Here:  A Winning Tradition

    Monuments Honoring Individuals

    3 Tony Canadeo
    4 Brett Favre
    5 Paul Hornung
    14 Don Huston
    64 Jerry Kramer
    1 Vince Lombardi
    85 Max McGee
    20 Johnny Blood McNally
    66 Ray Nitschke
    15 Barr Starr
    31 Jim Taylor
    63 Fuzzy Thurston
    92 Reggie White 


    Monuments Chronicling Packer Eras

    Pride: The Pioneers (1895-1918)
    Drive: The Founding Years (1919-1928)
    Power: The Triumphant Years (1929-1933)
    Talent: The Victory Years (1934-1938)
    Valor: The Earnest Years (1939-1948)
    Vision: The Building Years  (1949-1958)
    Glory: The Glory Years (1959-1968)
    Honor: The Gritty Years (1969-1978)
    Faith: The Hopeful Years (1979-1988)
    Esteem: The Renaissance Years (1989-1998)
    Spirit: The Rebuilding Years (1999-present)

    (see bottom of post for chronological list of monuments)

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    A - A Winning Tradition
    B - 4 Brett Favre
    C - 3 Tony Canadeo
    D - 66 Ray Nitschke
    E - 5 Paul Hornung
    F - 20 Johnny Blood McNally
    G -31 Jim Taylor
    H - Spirit: The Rebuilding Years (1999-present)
    I - Esteem: The Renaissance Years (1989-1998)
    J - Faith: The Hopeful Years (1979-1988)
    K - Honor: The Gritty Years (1969-1978)
    L - Glory: The Glory Years (1959-1968)
    M - Vision: The Building Years  (1949-1958)
    N - Valor: The Earnest Years (1939-1948)
    O - 92 Reggie White
    P - 85 Max McGee
    Q - 63 Fuzzy Thurston
    R - 14 Don Huston
    S - Talent: The Victory Years (1934-1938)
    T - Power: The Triumphant Years (1929-1933)
    U - Drive: The Founding Years (1919-1928)
    V - 64 Jerry Kramer
    W - 15 Barr Starr
    X - 1 Vince Lombardi
    Y - Pride: The Pioneers (1895-1918)

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