Bird Effigy Mound 500-1000 A.D.

© Photographed May 14, 2017
Erected 1975 by Madison Landmarks Commission
Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin
43° 6.13′ N, 89° 22.029′ W
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500-1000 A.D.
This mound was constructed by people of a hunting and gathering culture who met periodically at ceremonial grounds like this one to bury their dead.
Madison Landmarks Commission

The marker and mound are located at Burrows Park at the end of Bayside Drive, south of its intersection with Burrows Road, adjacent to a park shelter, at or near 4 Bayside Drive, Madison, Wisconsin 53704.

City of Madison: Burrows Park: Park Highlights: Burrows Park Native American Effigy Mound and Campsite
On a rise just east of the Burrows Park parking lot is a straight-winged bird effigy mound with a wingspan of about 128 feet. A "running fox" mound used to exist north of the bird. The bird effigy was restored in 1934 by removing tree stumps, repairing mutilations caused by vandals and resodding.
The location is listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Wisconsin.
The marker is No. 34 in a series of markers erected by the Madison Landmarks Commission.

See also, Burrows Park, also at this location.

 The mound is near the park picnic shelter (visible to the right).

 Looking west from the east end of the mound.

 Looking east from the west end of the mound.

 With the mound visible at the top of the knoll.

With the mound visible behind the marker
and Dengel Bay visible in the far distance.

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