Baskerville Apartments 1913-1914

Erected 1992 by Madison Landmarks Commission
Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin
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The Baskerville Apartments is one of Madison's finest remaining early apartment houses, built in an era of population explosion caused by enlargement of the University of Wisconsin, state government and private industry. Downtown densities increased dramatically during this period before popular use of the automobile made the suburbs accessible to the lower and middle classes. The Baskerville is one of the best works of local architect Robert L. Wright, known also for his design of the City Market.
The building and marker are located on southbound South Hamilton Street, at its intersection with West Doty Street, at 121 South Hamilton Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53703.

Historic Name: Baskerville Apartment Building
Reference No.: 28729
Architectural Style: Neoclassical
Wall Material: Brick
Architect: Robert L. Right
 - National Register Listing Date: 1988-10-13
 - State Register Listing Date: 1989-01-01

The marker is No. 99 in a series of markers erected by the Madison Landmarks Commission.

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