American Tobacco Co. Warehouses 1899-1901

Erected 1980 by Madison Landmarks Commission
Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin
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These two buildings are the most substantial warehouses built in Madison to house the processing of leaf tobacco. From the Civil War until the 1940s, leaf tobacco was among Dane County's most lucrative crops. The tobacco grown in Wisconsin was typically used for chewing and cigar smoking, a hugely popular men's pastime before cigarettes eclipsed cigars after WW I. In their heyday over 350 men, boys, women and girls worked in these two buildings during the six month winter season.
Designated March 2, 1992
Madison Landmarks Commission

The property is located on eastbound Lorillard Court, at its intersection with Findoroff Court, at 738 Lorillard Court, Madison, Wisconsin 53703.

The Cap Times (February 4, 2010): Cross Country: Tobacco farming has a long history in Wisconsin

Claude and Starck is the architectural firm that built the American Tobacco Co. Warehouses.

The property is listed (since 2003) on the National Register of Historic Places: Wisconsin.

The marker is No. 98 in a series of markers erected by the Madison Landmarks Commission.

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