Schieren Conservancy

© Photographed February 28, 2015 and October 8, 2016
Erected by Luxemburg American Cultural Center Museum
Belgium, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
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Schieren Conservancy
The pastoral setting you see before you is a gift of Patti and Dick Witry. It is named after the village of Schieren, Luzembourg, which is located in the Alzette River Valley, just south of the City of Ettelbruck. This is the village from which Mr. Witry's paternal grand-parents, John and Anna Melsen Witry, immigrated in 1895. Ultimately arriving in Chicago, John and Anna Witry raised five sons -- John, Louis, George, Edward and Joseph. In 1963, Joseph was appointed Consul General of Luxembourg - Chicago. 

The modern history of Schieren began in 1850 when the sections of Niederschieren, Oberschieren and Birtrange were detached from the city of Ettelbruck. Its first village council met on April 17, 1850. Dominique Toussaint was Schieren's first mayor. Today, there are approximately 1,400 persons living within the confines of Schieren, Colmar-Pont and Birtrange.
The marker is located at the Luxemburg American Cultural Center Museum on southbound North Royal Avenue / County LL, at its intersection with Park Street, at 100 Peter Thein Avenue, Belgium, Wisconsin 53004.

Luxemburg American Cultural Center Museum

These markers are on boulders placed on the periphery
of the conservancy: 

The marker is located at the Luxembourg American
Cultural Center Museum in Belgium, Wisconsin.

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