World's Largest Badger

Photographed April 25, 2015
Aniwa, Shawano County, Wisconsin

The World's Largest Badger is located on northbound U.S. Highway 45, 3/10ths of a mile north of its intersection with Partridge Lane / County Highway ZZ, Aniwa, Wisconsin 54408.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The World's Largest Badger is located on the premises of a revolting "club" that exploits women and identifies the creeps who patronize it as "gentlemen". I refuse to acknowledge the name of this disgusting establishment. I will say that it's not a place to take children, unless you want to have to explain the meaning of the perverted vocabulary on the signs adjacent to the badger. The foregoing, of course, is my opinion. That said, the badger is impossible to miss!

The badger, it seems, once had a full body, but is now just the head, shoulders and paws peering fiercely from behind a fence. There is an unofficial pull off on southbound U.S. 45 (which bears the wheel tracks of many who have pulled in and out at this location), directly across from the badger's location, but there is nowhere to stop on northbound U.S. 45.

The World's Largest Badger is included in a list of Wisconsin's Whimsical Roadside Attractions.

See also, Big O' Squirrel, also at this location.

The squirrel atop a replica of a fallen log.

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