Washington County Landmarks Commission Markers

One of my favorite Washington County locations,
Mill Road Church in the Village of Jackson.

NOTE: I include the following caveat regarding visiting the sites recognized by the Washington County Landmarks Commission. There are challenges to accessing many of the the markers for viewing:
  • the markers are very small -- impossible to read unless directly in front of them.
  • most markers are on privately-owned residential properties and displayed in places that require entering onto the property to read them (I do not feel comfortably entering onto private property, and instead use a zoom lens to photograph the marker).
  • a very great number of the markers are in locations that include the risk of accident / injury to view / access -- primarily because they are located on very busy roadways with nowhere to legally / safely pull over and / or park.
That said, on the post for each marker in this series will be an additional comment on the ease and safety in accessing the marker.

West Bend

    Another lovely location, Schubert Cheese Factory in West Bend.

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