Maney Ridge Prehistoric Effigy Mounds

 Photographed December 11, 2012
Erected 1977 - 1995 - 2001 by Waukesha County Historical Society
Big Bend, Waukesha County, Wisconsin
42° 52.205′ N, 88° 11.872′ W

On the ridge above this road and the Fox River lies a series of prehistoric earthworks. They represent visible remnants of both social and ritual behavior of one of Wisconsin’s unique prehistoric cultures, the Effigy Mound Indians.

The conical mounds are from the Middle Woodlands time, circa 200 BC-700 AD. The effigy and linear mounds are representative of Late Woodlands time, circa 7900 AD – 1400 AD.

Archaeological excavations reveal the use of some as burial and religious sites. Others have yielded no artifacts. What was their use? Clan symbols? Astronomical devices?
The marker is located on northbound Big Bend Road / Wisconsin Highway 164, about a half mile north of its intersection with Kelsey Avenue, Big Bend, Wisconsin 53103.

The marker is No. 31-02 in a series of historical markers erected by the Waukesha County Historical Society.

I always find it a bit challenging to see the mounds . . .

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