Eagle World War I Veterans Memorial

Photographed December 28, 2015
Eagle, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

In Honor of all those
who have served in
the Armed Forces of
the United States
of America

 --- World War I ---
G. Sargent         S. Welch
W. Beckerman        G. Ridgeman
O. Holt        G. Hill
A. Breidenbach        F. Brazen
G. Burton        E. Carlin
J. Machold        E. Brady
D. Stubbs        J. Gannon
T. Hoeft        P. Bowey
T. Muhasky        J. Kakac
A. Berglund       L. Lidiker
H. Edmonds        W. Adler
E. Higbee        H. Berlick
A. Janke        H. Chapman
V. Clohisy        A. Gale
H. Beahlen        H. Thiele
O. Popp        D. Williams
E. Adler        D. Marty
W. Moore        R. Palen

The memorial is located at a small community park on northbound Wisconsin Highway 67, at its intersection with East Main Street / County Highway MM, Eagle, Wisconsin 53119.

The first time to see Santa flying with Old Glory!

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