Weber Brewery

Photographed November 4, 2014
Erected 2007 by Waukesha County Museum;
funded by Berg Management
Waukesha, Waukesha  County, Wisconsin

In 1857, Henry Meyer opened a brewery on this spot. In 1862, the bankrupt brewery was sold to Stephen Weber. The new brewery remained part of the Weber family until 1958. During that time it was known as “West Hill Brewery,” “Bethesda Brewery,” “Weber Brewing Company,” and “Weber Waukesha Brewing Company."

The business was operated as the Waukesha Dairy Company during Prohibition. The Weber family produced beer and the brewery developed a regional following. Trademarks included an Indian dipping water from a spring and a big red “W”.

In 1958, Weber merged with a nearby Fox Head Brewery and operation ceased at this building.
The marker is located on westbound East North Street / U.S. Highway 18, just west of its intersection with NW Barstow Street, at 210 East North Street, Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188.

  • Henry A. Meyer (140/141 North St. opposite Mary St.) 1859-1862
  • Stephan Weber, West Hill Brewery 1862-1885
  • (Urn. A.) Weber & (John C.) Land, Bethseda Brewery 1885-1886
  • Wm. A. Weber, Bethseda Brewery 1886-1899
  • Estate of Wm. A, Weber, Bethseda Brewery 1899-1903
  • Weber's Brewery, Stephan F. Weber 1903-1906
  • Weber Brewing Co. 1906-1920
  • Closed by Prohibition 1920-1933
  • Issued U-Permit No. WIS-U-752A allowing the resumption of brewing operations 1933
  • Weber Waukesha Brewing Co. 1934-1958
  • Closed in 1958

The marker is visible to the left of the garage door.

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