Moor Mud Baths Hotel

Photographed November 4, 2014
Erected 2006 by Waukesha County Historical Museum;
Funded by John Weber III
Waukesha, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

John Weber purchased this property with its black “moor” earth and a spring in 1899. The hotel, patterned after European spas, and the springhouse opened in 1911. Spring water and warm mud baths, promoted as therapeutic, were available at the hotel. The gold course opened in 1915. The hotel closed in 1959, reopened as Mt. St. Paul Seminary in 1962, then as a co-educational college in 1968, which closed 1970. Since 1972 it has been a Waukesha County office building.
The marker is located at the entrance to a building located at 500 Riverview Avenue, Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188.

NOTE: This building was once the location of the Waukesha County Health & Human Services -- they have moved to 514 Riverside Avenue. The building now appears to house medical offices.

Moor Mud Baths is listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Wisconsin: Waukesha County, the State Register of Historic Places, and is a City of Waukesha Local Landmark.

The building was scheduled for demolition to make way for a parking lot, but was saved through the efforts of the citizens of Waukesha. This was posted October 28, 2014:
GOOD NEWS! The County Board voted to remove the demolition from the Capital Plan. It was 14-10. This will allow for a good RFP to go out for proposals for the reuse of that building. We had a good crowd at the meeting and many people who contacted their county board supervisors. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this success.

When Milwaukee real-estate agent John Weber purchased a 87 acre plot on the northern side of Waukesha, he did not expect that it would eventually lead to a mud bath and health resort . . . (click on the above link for photos and to read more).

The marker is No. 34-11 in a series of historical markers erected by the Waukesha County Historical Society.

Vintage Postcard: Hotel Lobby, Moor (Mud) Baths, Waukesha, Wis.

Vintage Postcard from
Private Bath Room, Ladies' Moor Bath Dept., Moor (Mud) Baths, Waukesha, Wis. -- 31

The marker is easy to find, and there's plenty of parking at this location.


Wendy said...

I just looked very closely at my brass letter opener I've had for many years, and engraved on a brass piece put onto the handle it says: MOOR MUD BATHS NATURE'S TREATMENT FOR RHEUMATISM WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN
I had to look it up! I'm hoping the historical building will be saved for good.
Wendy Arrington

Wisconsin Historical Markers said...

That's so cool! Thank you for sharing.

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