Brown County: Historic Sites Recognized by the City of Green Bay

Green Bay Historic Preservation Commission
The purpose of the Commission is "to carry out directives of the Green Bay Historic Preservation Ordinance and to foster preservation and appreciation of the historic built environment and archeological sites within the City".

Awards 2002

111 W. Walnut Street: Lawson Aircraft Company

325 S. Broadway: Barney’s A&W (property demolished in 2007)

412-414 N. Maple Avenue: Fort Howard Surgeon’s Quarters

1598 Shawano Avenue: McDonald’s Speedee Sign

Bay Beach Pavilion (c. 1909)

Hagemeister Park

Awards 2003

117 South Washington Street: Fox Theatre / Meyer Theatre

Brown County Courthouse

Awards 2004

107-109 N. Broadway: J.L. Jorgensen Building

223-227 N. Jefferson Street: YMCA (1924)

306-314 Pine Street: C. B. Blue Print Company Astor Dig Site

Awards 2005

119 S. Jackson Street: Florentine Frisque House (1983)

130 N. Monroe Avenue: First Church of Christ, Scientist

301-305 E. Walnut Street: Northern Building

345 South Monroe Avenue: Raphael Soquet House (1897)

800 Main Street: Whitney Park

901 Cherry Street: Central Assembly of God / The Bridal Church

1040 South Van Buren: Mrs. John L. Jorgenson House

Awards 2006

123 North Oakland Avenue: Joel S. Fisk House

538 South Van Buren Street: William Gibbs House

633 East Walnut Street: H. Atkinson Residence

2793 Nicolet Drive: The Lime House Lombardi Fence Pazaza Club

Awards 2007

100-106 S. Washington Street: The Bellin Building (1915)

500 Eliza Street

612 Stuart Street: Grace Presbyterian Church / Arketype, Inc.

902 S. Madison Street: Mitchell Joannes Home

Awards 2008

345 S. Adams Street: Elisha Morrow House / Captain’s Walk Winery

628 S. Monroe Avenue: The Argyle at Astor

716 S. Madison Street: Union Congregational Church

On Broadway, Inc.

Awards 2009

425 S. Monroe Avenue: Grace Manor Apartments

435 E. Walnut Street: Green Bay Press-Gazette Building

1139 Main Street: J. Zeitzius Block / Top Hat Club (1895)

1145 Grignon Street: A. F. Pfeifer House

3181 Humboldt Road: Matthew DeMuth House

Awards 2010

802 East Walnut Street

1658 Main Street: Kroll's East (Preble Kroll's)

St. Anthony’s Chapel

West High Murals Dedication: April 9, 1935

Awards 2011

621 School Place

218 North Adams Street: Luciae Building / Republic Chop House

301 North Washington Street: The Neville Building / H. C. Prange's (property demolished in 2012)


NeighborWorks: Founded 1982

Awards 2012

115 N. Adams Street (1894): J.C. Rockstroh Bakery Building

1400 Cedar Street (1907): ARTgarage

1125 S. Van Buren Street (1916): Charles M. Hasseler House

400 S. Washington Street (1898): Mikwaukee Road Railroad Passenger Depot

East High School (1925)

Awards 2013

St. John's School (1932)

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