Beaumont Hop House

 Photographed November 12, 2014
Erected 1974-2005 by Waukesha County Historical Society
Merton, Waukesha County, Wisconsin
43° 7.819′ N, 88° 20.129′ W

Growing of hops for commercial beer making purposes was important in Waukesha County agriculture during the 1860’s and for several decades thereafter. They were introduced here from New York by James Weaver of Sussex in 1837.

The Beaumont hop house of fieldstone construction covered by mortar, circa 1875, is 18 feet square and 32 feet high. A stove on the first floor was used to create heat which would rise and pass through the slatted second floor on which hops were placed to dry.

Ephram Beaumont (1834-1918) was prominent in local & county government and the County Agricultural Society.  
The marker is located on eastbound Rybeck Road / County Road Ef, east of its intersection with Creekside Court, near W29681 County Road Ef, Hartland, Wisconsin 53029.

The Milwaukee Journal (January 3, 1978): Merton Hop House Full of History
This 1978 article provides a history of the Beaumont Hop House and announces that the building (one of two surviving hop houses in Waukesha County), had just been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The marker is in front of the north side of the hop house.

The south and west sides of the hop house.

The marker and hop house are easy to find on eastbound County Road Ef.

View of the east side of the hop house.

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