Winter Farm

 Photographed October 22, 2014
Erected 1977 (Rev. 2006) by Washington County Landmarks Commission
Slinger, Washington County, Wisconsin
43° 20.332′ N, 88° 16.058′ W

Slinger, Wisconsin
The first entry in County Records indicates 160 acres of land, located in the NE 1/4 of Section 17, Town 10 North, Range 14 East, was purchased by Lorentz Guthe and his wife, Elizabeth, on July 7, 1846, for $200, Receipt #23242. Johann Wendel Hassinger and his son John purchased 40 acres of the land on September 7, 1848. Peter Winter acquired the land through marriage to the widow of Johann’s son, Sebastian. The land was formally transferred to Mr. Winter in 1883.

At present, the original 1843 log cabin and 1880 cream city [sic] brick farmhouse are among other original outbuildings intact on the 6.99 acre parcel.
The marker is located on eastbound Cedar Creek Road, just east of the U.S. Highway 41 overpass, and west of Foxbury Courty, at 4637 Cedar Creek Road, Slinger, Wisconsin 53086.

NOTE: This is another marker that has no parking. Period. Photos were taken from Cedar Creek Road, using a zoom lens. The road is lightly-travelled, and there is a very small shoulder on which to pull over (do not try this with snow on the ground; there is a ditch alongside the road).

This marker is No. 95-001 in a series of markers placed by the Washington County Landmarks Commission.

 The marker is visible to the left of the white pole on the left.

 The farmhouse faces Cedar Creek Road.

The 1880 farmhouse is made of Cream City brick.
See, Marker 476: The Cream City, a related marker in Milwaukee County.

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