Peace Memorial Highway

 Photographed September 26, 2014
Dedicated 1997
Lake Hallie, Chippewa County, Wisconsin
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Highway 53 is dedicated to
the citizens of Wisconsin
for their contributions
and devotion to
international peace
and greater understanding,
among nations

Dedicated on this spot
OCTOBER 19, 1997
by authority of
1989 Wisconsin Act 343

The marker is located at a small park on Wayside Road, east of its intersection with 120th Street / Sipple Street, Lake Hallie, Wisconsin 54729.

2013 Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations
84. State trunk highways; federal aid.
84.1035 Peace Memorial Highway.

84.1035  Peace Memorial Highway. The department shall designate and mark USH 53 commencing at La Crosse and proceeding northerly to Superior as the "Peace Memorial Highway" to commemorate the contributions and devotion of the citizens of this state to international peace and greater understanding among nations. The department shall erect markers at regular intervals along the route, including at appropriate areas historical markers, to clearly identify to motorists the designation of the highway as a memorial to international peace.
History: 1989 a. 343.

The marker is adjacent to the parking lot at the entrance to the park.

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