Irvine Park Cave

© Photographed September 27, 2014
Erected by Chippewa County Historical Society

This cave and 7 acres of land along Duncan Creek was purchased in September of 1871 by F.X. Schmitmayer, owner of the Schmitmayer Brewing Co. Schmitmayer's Brewery was located near River & Superior Streets where ferry boats once crossed the Chippewa River.
Schmitmayer enlarged the cave, which had a natural spring [sic] and closed the entrance with an iron gate. The hole in the cave's ceiling was the bottom of a shaft dug down from the top near Jefferson Avenue. Beer was lowered down and stirred in the cool cave.
In 1906, under the advisement of the local Woman's Club to preserve the land, Mr. William Irvine purchased 53 acres of land on the east side of Duncan Creek [sic] including Schmitmayer's cave.
On December 18, 1906 [sic] Mr. Irvine, L.C. Stanley, and the Chippewa Lumber & Boom Company donated to the City of Chippewa Falls 163 acres of land extending on both sides of Duncan Creek from Bridgewater Avenue north to Glen Mills. [sic]  (The mill once located next to Glen Loach Dam.) [sic] This was the beginning of Irvine Park.
The marker is located on Bear Den Road inside Irvine Park & Zoo. Bear Den Road is the main road that makes a one-way loop around the park. The entrance to Irvine Park is located at the intersection of southbound Jefferson Avenue / Wisconsin Route 124, at its intersection with Irvine Park Drive, Chipppewa Falls, Wisconsin 54729.

Forgotten Brewery Caves -- Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (Friday, August 24, 2012)
A much better detailed, more adventurous look at the cave that I took.

The marker is No. 20 in a series of historical markers erected by the Chippewa County Historical Society.

Use the "Chippewa Falls Irvine Park" label below to view all markers at Irvine Park & Zoo; there are many.

The entrance to the short cave.

Gorgeous fall colors at the Bridgewater Avenue entrance to Irvine Park.

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